Electric Throne

by Quiet Arcs

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Electric Throne is a self funded and self released album.
Included with the download is an alternate cover and lyric sheet.


released September 28, 2010

Engineered, mixed and mastered by William Yip at Studio 4.
Produced by William Yip and Quiet Arcs.
Cover photo by ?
Cover art by Laurel Gough.
Quiet Recordings #001.

Vocals: Larry Wiechecki
Bass/Piano: Donny Mutt
Guitar: Jude Miller
Guitar: Jack Drummond
Drums: Kenny Madden

Additional vocals by Jude Miller, Kenny Madden and Donny Mutt.

Booking/Contact: quietarcshc@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Quiet Arcs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Booking/Info: quietarcshc@gmail.com

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Track Name: True North
I pray every day they take me first
Put my burdens to sleep
Don't want to be no hero
Lord knows that I'm no saint
I can't shake this chill
Hang from my lungs
Lay me down

Things would be much easier
If I was an island
I could drink myself stupid
Piss my weight in gold
I don't mind
I never mind
Please keep it down
It would be much appreciated

Waving white flags

Sing me my last rights
I'll hum along
Track Name: Routines
She tells me every detail of her day
It's like a Tom Waits' song
We fall asleep every night
Wake up and do it all again

Clawing my way through this day
I dot the t's and cross the eyes
It's all handshakes and smiles
Got to scrub the day from my pores

Waste. Deep. In.
Skin and bones

I've hear all these songs before
Rehearsing my arguments
Red lights don't bother me anymore
Nothing but deadpan stares
Track Name: House Lick
I'd like to say thank you
But the spit keeps getting in my way
Lines were drawn
Parents help your children
During all your soul searching
Don't forget to relapse
First world problems
Wrapped tight with a bow

They're not looking for faith
But they're playing for keeps
They're not looking for faith

And there you go again
Parading around in your dead kid's wheelchair
Buying candy with food stamps
Trying to make ends meet

They're not looking for faith
But they're playing for keeps
They're not looking for faith